STAR Idea Manager


Title:STAR Idea Manager
Sub category:Productivity

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  • With STAR Idea Manager, it has been never easier to collect, organize and structure any kind of data. The software provides an intuitive user interface which is great for easily gathering ideas, creating text collections, writing to-do lists and drawing up concepts and plans. Intuitive, logical, free - manage data your personal way: Getting things done as you desire! There is no pre-defined database structure to care about. STAR Idea Manager provides a pure but amazingly intuitive interface that gives you the freedom to organize information your way. STAR Idea Manager is a great replacement for small knowledge databases and outliners. It is providing the features you need to start working with the software immediately. Pure, but amazingly versatile. Just a few suggestions how you might use STAR Idea Manager: Business: General project management, knowledge databases, to-do lists, working instructions, memos, interview protocols, support in project documentation (like productivity and feedback reports), search reports. Creative writing: Collections of texts (like exposés, storyboards, scenes, scripts), resumes of fictional characters, summaries of any kind (like scenes, chapters, characters, locations and sets), interviews, brainstorming. Software development: Source code repositories, system requirements (specification sheets, customer requirements), documentation, to-do lists, bug tracking and fixing. Leisure and hobbies: To-do lists, collections (like cooking recipes and do-it-yourself guides), storing of information, replacement for personal databases and card box apps.

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