Rupee 1.1


Developer:Bruno Dal Bo Silva
Sub category:Finance

Rate 91% (Votes 4670)
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  • Rupee is the financial app that will change the way you see household and personal finance administration. With Rupee, you do not simply categorize expenses, it allows you to perform a full cashflow detailed study into your expending habits. By using double-entry accounting the way it was meant to be used, Rupee gives you an insight of where your money is coming from. With the extremely powerful graphic transaction editor, creating new transactions is as easy as dragging and dropping money around the screen.Rupee comes with a library of preset icons and suggested account tree, but you can render it your own by customizing it, all the way to the account icons. Three kinds of reports are available, with deep customizations allowing a fast way to identify budget drains and others. The report tools allows you to make filtered reports, always with the intent of knowing where the money comes from, before it goes somewhere, or vice-versa! Tracking income and expenses just can't get any simpler.

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