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  • e83acbfc1fa90db7c5825218823298d3

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  • Gravity is a Rapidweaver theme that offers a visually rich browsing experience that will keep your visitors mesmerized and coming back for more. Mesmerizing & Mobile FriendlyGravity's attractive, effective, and high-contrast design does double-duty, so you don't have to. Targeting iPad users? iPhone? No problem, Gravity can handle them both - without you needing to do anything.One theme. One site. Customized browsing experiences for multiple mobile devices. No other theme is as versatile, powerful, or effective in reaching as many people as possible.Effortless Layout ControlWe call it ELC, and it's yet another way we're creating a better RapidWeaver experience. Gravity offers ten (yes, 10!) ExtraContent areas, and not only can they be used "like normal", but we've also provided multiple theme options to allow you to easily create column-based layouts. No need for any fancy-pants HTML or CSS code - just add your ExtraContent, select the appropriate layout option in the Page Inspector, and voila! Instant, awesome, column-based layouts.

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