imessage2Skype 1.0


Developer:Mirko Bethmann
Sub category:Email and Messaging

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  • 8d317bdcf4aafcfc22149d77babee96d
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  • ee013dc653fe2674b7a71c95bae0ac8f
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  • dd7ed967c5f743af1af7eee8616978b5

Comments (9)


  • imessage2Skype allows you to easily forward iMessages to your Skype account. Why? I'm currently using iOS / Android / Windows Phone / Blackberry devices side by side. No big deal, most apps are available for either OS. Only thing that is missing: iMessage. I have a LOT of contacts that use iMessage and I'd like to keep it that way. As, for legal and technical reasons, there is no iMessage implementation available on any platform besides iOS, I thought I'd go a different route and try to combine Skype and iMessage. To my surprise, I haven't found a ready-to-go solution to combine these two. So, I wrote this little tool. What Do You Need? A Mac, that is running iMessage and Skype. You also have to set up a second account for Skype and login with this on the machine you are dedicating to message forwarding. How To Install? - Open / mount the downloaded file and copy to your program-folder. - Startup your - Go to Preferences / Alerts: - Select the event "Message received" - Enable "Run an Apple Script" - Select "choose script" from the drop-down - navigate to the just mounted .dmg and select the file "sendToiMessage2Skype.scpt"

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