SecureSend 2.3


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  • SecureSend is a secure method of sending confidential information over the Internet. SecureSend securely and irreversibly encrypts your information with many complex algorithms, all tied to a password of your choosing. This means that our app will take your confidential data, encrypt it with your secret password, and output a bunch of garbage text which is absolutely useless to anyone - except for the person you choose to send the information to. All data is encrypted with AES encryption, which has been adopted by the U.S. government and is now used worldwide. With SecureSend, you don't have to worry about sending credit cards, passports, social security numbers, or any other forms of confidential data over the Internet. The encrypted text produced can be shared publicly for all the world to see (if you so choose), and no one will gain anything useful without the password that you and only you know. There is a bunch of fancy tech-talk we could stick in here about the impossibly low chance of collision, random salting to prevent the use of rainbow tables, and several additional layers of obfuscation to compliment the multiple encryption passes, but the end result is we secure your data so you can email or instant message it with ease, and no one will be able to intercept or "hack" it, ever. In fact, we dare someone to try. Here's a sample: SoHn72oEqdoqL64kRVFJ2JwSmDYA1OSMNJw7wNjheGUWf0ifX1UdIxo99mGhTYkY

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