redsn0w 0.9.15b2


Developer:iPhone Dev-Team
Sub category:System

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  • 4d37f9ce7fc73abe76bb65f4b9e8b5c7

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  • redsn0w is the most popular tool for jailbreaking and modifying your iOS devices. The latest version includes a number of features: - restore from any 5.x iOS to any other (up, down or the same) 5.x iOS on all devices as long as you have the correct blobs (see more below) - Cydia now included in the tethered 6.0 jailbreak on A4 devices - automatically "Just Boot" tethered when qualifying A4 device connects in DFU mode - untethered 6.0 jailbreak on old-bootrom 3GS - untethered 6.0 hactivation on any 3GS or iPhone4 - directly restore pre-A5 devices to earlier firmware -- no more complicated 15-step how-to's with stitching, iTunes errors, and "hosts file" concerns - fetch new signed blobs for any IPSW (present or future -- no redsn0w update required) using Extras->SHSH Blobs->New - block the BB update for any 3GS or iPhone4 restore (past, present, or future -- no redsn0w update required) using Extras->Even More->Restore - deactivate any iPhone, useful for testing your "official" unlock status through iTunes. (Please only deactivate your own iPhone!) - activation status shown on "Even more" page - significantly more (very nerdy) info returned by "Identify" button when device is in Normal mode - tethered jailbreak of ATV2 supported (but the only thing available for it is the SSH2 custom bundle available here -- no Cydia yet. Must use "Select IPSW" for tethered boot of ATV2 for now). - auto-exit WTF mode for older devices with broken buttons - any time a set of blobs is fetched remotely (from Apple or Cydia), redsn0w also saves them locally (and will check there first if you click "Local") - for your future restoring convenience, you should also submit all of your past and present TinyUmbrella blobs to Cydia if you haven't done so yet. Resubmitting is okay and won't cause conflicts.

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