Inbetween Land 1.4.1


Title:Inbetween Land
Sub category:Adventure

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  • Inbetween Land ... One day the life of some ordinary city was interrupted by appearance of the flying island, which turned out to be the abandoned homeplace of extraterrestrial civilization. Soon everybody got used to it, and island became the central attraction for tourists and looters. Our main character is an orphan who grew up in the shelter, where she became friends with Mary. One day Mary came to the dream of our heroine asking for help. The same day our heroine reads the newspaper article about the strange light ray that connected abandoned sky island with the city, and most likely the source of the light was somewhere near the orphanage, where Mary was working then. Our heroine rides to the orphanage to talk to Mary about her strange dream, but it turns out that she is missing for a couple of days. After that she finds a strange artifact from the flying island in Mary’s belongings. With its help she opens the portal between the city and the island. The heroine starts looking for Mary on the island. This way leads her to the new discovery - island is a spaceship and all its people live as spirits on it. So our goal is not only to save Mary but to help aliens go back home. Features: - 50 incredibly beautiful locations - 19 fascinating puzzles - Extraterrestrial civilization atmosphere - 3 game modes: Casual - Normal - Expert - Fragment Object Game

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