MailPop PRO 1.0


Title:MailPop PRO
Developer:Binary Bakery
Sub category:Email

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  • MailPop PRO brings your Gmail inbox to your desktop. We love Gmail as much as you do. That's why we created MailPop PRO for Gmail. It's the simplest, most fluid way to access your Gmail account. True to Mac functionality, MailPop PRO is a simple and slick tool for accessing your Gmail account. After launching MailPop PRO, all it takes is a single click on its menu bar icon (or keyboard shortcut) to access your Gmail account in a jiffy. Want to write an email instead? All it takes is a right-click on the icon (or keyboard shortcut) to open a new message window! Chock-full of awesome, mouth-watering features: - INBOX SHORTCUT (or click on the menu bar icon) to quickly open MailPop's window. - COMPOSE SHORTCUT (or right click on the menu bar icon) to quickly open a new message window, complete with a Media Browser for quickly dragging-and-dropping attachments! - CLEAR AND INFORMATIVE MENU BAR NOTIFICATIONS. Menu bar icon notification color graphic and numeric (number of unread messages). - FULL DESKTOP VIEW MODE WITH CHAT. - FULL TABLET VIEW MODE. Love Gmail on your iPad? Now you can have that same, beautiful view on your Mac (in fullscreen too!). - MOUNTAIN LION AND GROWL NOTIFICATIONS. - ABILITY TO MAKE MAILPOP AS YOUR SYSTEM-WIDE DEFAULT MAIL APP. All mailto: links will be handled by MailPop. It'll automagically open a new compose window! - OPACITY CONTROL. Go sneaky and use Gmail at work! - SHORTCUTS ABOUND. Besides the customisable pop-up and compose shortcuts, standard shortcuts include CTRL-R to refresh and CTRL-N to compose a new message within MailPop's main window. Helpful Tips: Click on the gear icon in MailPop's window and open the Preferences to customize shortcuts, notifications and other features. Legal Notice: MailPop is a third party application for Gmail and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Google, Inc. Gmail and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google, Inc.

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