Time Doctor Lite 2.3.46


Title:Time Doctor Lite
Developer:Time Doctor LLC
Sub category:Applications

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  • Time Doctor Lite is time-management software with real-time tracking of tasks. It is useful for time management and productivity improvement for both individuals and companies. Time Doctor is also the best software for monitoring a remote team. It records employee Internet use and provides a simple report of Web sites visited and software applications used on the desktop. These features help in monitoring a virtual team with minimal effort on the part of management. You can use this software to record hours worked and confirm that these hours were actually worked by team members. Time Doctor is a great collaboration tool for teams, allowing you to assign tasks to team members and know if these tasks were worked on. Time Doctor is the most effective software for time tracking for employees as it has multiple ways to ensure that time tracking is accurate. Time Doctor also has several features for improving employee productivity such as: recording time spent on email, recording time on meetings and phone calls, getting staff to focus on top priorities, and making sure managers are aware of the top priorities of employees. Other features include: - A daily report to management and individuals with a list of all the tasks accomplished for the day and the top priorities for tomorrow. - Weekly report of websites visited during the previous week. - Exact recording of time worked, and multiple ways to make sure that the hours worked are accurate. - Daily time-management tips. - Recording how much time was spent on phone calls and meetings to each individual person or group. Time Doctor Pro is also available. If you have the same list of 5-10 tasks that you do every day and they do not change that much, use Time Doctor Lite. If you have many tasks and they keep changing every day, or if you would like to organise them into lists then use Time Doctor Pro. Time Doctor Lite is a simplified version of Time Doctor Pro.

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