Bark 1.1


Developer:Pandamonia LLC
Sub category:System

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  • Bark intelligently brings notifications from Growl into Notification Center under OS X Mountain Lion. Previous solutions to integrating Growl with Notification Center have involved forwarding all notifications, whether you wanted them or not. One of Growl's best features is that it allows for fine-grained control over what you see and what you don't. Bark gives you all of this while still allowing you to peek into the slick, sleek Notification Center at any time. Get as much control as you want. In a Skype chat that gets thousands of messages? Twitter mentions catching you off guard? Have no fear, your screen won't be spammed with notifications. Thanks to the features of Bark and Notification Center, no matter how many notifications are recieved, you'll only be bugged by one app at a time.

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