Wrrr 3.5.3f3


Developer:Nimbi Studios
Sub category:Arcade

Rate 91% (Votes 2607)
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  • Wrrr is a classic, side scrolling, hand-drawn 2D platforming game. We have made every effort to provide you with unique and challenging levels, which will give you an unforgettable experience. Wrrr tells a story of dad-dinosaur who has lost contact with his family after an unexpected natural disaster. Now he embarks on a journey to find them. Aid him now and experience an incredible adventure by going through 9 beautiful hand-drawn levels. During this journey you will explore deep dark caves, lush forests, wild swamps and icy mountains. Help trapped creatures, collect points, leap,run and fight while visiting the gorgeous hand-drawn world. On your way you will meet fire demons, evil plants and giant bees. By overcoming those adversities you will reunite with your lost family. Features: - Nine beautiful hand drawn levels! - Unique enemies! - Exceptional animations! - Interesting and compelling story! - Original music and sound effects! - Challenging gameplay, easy to learn and hard to master!

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