Collins Russian Pocket Dictionary 7.5


Title:Collins Russian Pocket Dictionary
Developer:Paragon Software Group (SHDD)
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  • The Collins Russian Pocket Dictionary offers the learner of Russian extensive coverage of Russian and English in a compact, handy format. The Collins Russian Pocket Dictionary is designed for all those studying Russian, whether at school, for business, or as a hobby. It is the ideal text for learners of Russian, and comes with a useful guide to Russian grammar. - The Collins Russian Pocket Dictionary offers extensive coverage of Russian and English. - The grammar supplement is a compact and useful guide - a perfect complement to the dictionary with its clear, easy-to-use layout. - The clear layout ensures that users find the information they want quickly and easily. Dictionary details: - Dictionary database contains over 24,000 keywords. - Russian sound module contains over 10,000 entries by native speakers. - English sound module contains over 10,000 entries by native speakers. - Comprehensive coverage of today's Russian and English. - Information on Russian life and culture. - Practical grammar guide. Dictionary features: - Read e-mails, documents and web-pages from your Mac and get Word Translations without leaving your active application by hovering mouse over a word. So you do not need to waste time on opening a program; - Find the translation of the word in any grammatical form with help of built-in Morphology Module for English and Russian; - Listen correct word pronunciation using built-in Sound Modules, containing pre-recorded voice of English and Russian native speakers; - Learn foreign languages with immediate grammar reference for any word in the dictionary; - Enrich your vocabulary choosing unknown words with bookmarks or using search history; - Study the language in the easiest and most effective way using the dictionary. Check yourself with the words you have added to Flash Cards from the dictionary; - Due to our Language identifier, you no more need to change the translation direction each time you input words. Translation direction will be chosen automatically, it depends on language input; - IntraArticle Search. Thanks to a new feature of the application, you can search for words right in the dictionary article. - Enlarge your electronic dictionary word database by creating your own dictionaries; - Similar Words function helps you to find a word even if you do not remember its spelling. - Enter the words on your native language easier using on-screen Virtual Keyboard for many languages; - Find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling using wildcards search ("*", "?", etc.); - Find the list of irregular verbs for English dictionaries. - Keep your dictionary always up-to-date. Dictionary Online Update feature lets you know of updated dictionary versions available for download; - Discover new dictionaries and download it directly to your device with the built-in Online dictionary catalog; - This version of the dictionary is specifically designed to facilitate your most comfortable and efficient work with the dictionary, including hotkeys for often used operations.

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