Make a Face 4.3


Title:Make a Face
Developer:Ken GARZO
Category:Multimedia Design
Sub category:Image Editing

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  • Make a Face is software to unite mankind by illuminating its common heritage. The application divides photographic images of human faces into quadrants whose common point is the center tip of the nose. These quadrants are then merged to form cohesive, but individually recognizable, facial images from multiple facial graphic sources. Make a Face has also quickly developed into a social networking platform enjoyed by friends, family, and people everywhere who enjoy looking at facial pictures of themselves and others joined into an infinite number of interesting and animated combinations. If you like looking at yourself in the mirror (on a good day), and if you like looking at other people, then Make a Face gives you a means by which to look at people from an interesting array of perspectives. Any picture of any face, including historical figures and well known personalities, can be integrated into the Make a Face display sequences. For people who enjoy looking at people, Make a Face gives them a way to see themselves in ways they have never seen themselves, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Make a Face can also distort, divide, subdivide, blend, rearrange and do over 100 strange and artistic things to the faces of the people you care about, and the faces of people for whom you may have less sympathetic feelings. Features are included to divide facial graphics, or any other graphic, into grids with up to 64 sections, and the sections of those grids can then be compacted, dispersed, blended, swirled, crunched, assembled, looped, shuffled, and wander off into interesting displays of the faces or other graphics you enjoy looking at. The process by which Make a Face operates is an entirely novel approach to the display of human facial characteristics in juxtaposition for the purposes of elucidation, entertainment, and the study of physiological differences and similarities. For best results use pictures that have been taken with a similar, neutral, background, with the subject facing directly into the camera. Ask your subjects to show medium sized smiles. Search for suitable facial graphics on the internet. Share facial graphics with others. If all of the graphics you choose adhere to the above parameters, your blended faces will be symmetrical and align themselves almost perfectly, yielding a very interesting study of different facial characteristics, both of people related to each other, and of people with very different ethnic backgrounds. You can, of course, also create all sorts of weird, peculiar, funny, and dysmorphic effects by double clicking in lopsided places on your imported graphic. A few experiments will give you the idea. Clicking the "Make a Face" button will start an automatic, random selection sequence of mingled faces. A click will stop it. Clicking the popup menus at the corners will allow you to choose which specific face quadrants you want to display. There are buttons on the storage page that will disassemble and/or reassemble the components of the graphics you have stored into amusing animation sequences.

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