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  • 74ab676b24e0e02732c76b2fb2228ea4

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  • Repo is a Git client for your Mac. It allows you to: Commit - Tear-off commit window, Keep your commit window handy as you develop. - Push changes to remotes - Discard changes, ignore files, show files in Finder History - Searchable history. Search by comment, committer - Compare revisions - Checkout a revision Advanced File Tracking - Auto-discovers repositories. Repo automatically discovers and indexes all the repositories on your disks - Repository state tracking. Prefer to do something from the command-line, no problem. Repo automatically reacts to state changes in the repository. - Instantly detects changes on the file system Integration - Integrates with GitHub, Beanstalk and Bit Bucket - Works with your favorite IDE. Xcode, Coda, Eclipse, TextMate, BBEdit, Expresso and more... - Integrated Git console. Need to do some deep dark Git magic? You can always drop right into the console without leaving Repo Diff and Merge - Text Diff. The collapsed unified diff allows for quick scanning of changes - Image Diff. Swipe between changed images - Clean merges. Repo uses an advanced merge algorithm that results in cleaner merges. More... - Fetch changes - Checkout and create branches - Track remote branches - Create and checkout tags - Stash and apply stashed changes. You can also set it to auth-stash on branch changes. - View your stash. You can see everything in your stash, and the files changed in each stash item. - Open files in the application of your choice. - View status - Stage and upstage files

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