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Title:PST Converter Pro
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  • PST Converter Pro features a great number of advantages comparably with other PST converter software solutions. Besides other features, this tool can also convert Outlook PST files to Entourage archive, Outlook pst. - Convert your Mails/Contacts/Calendar from Microsoft Outlook or PST files to Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004 0r 2008. Your outlook folder's hierarchical structure will be preserved in Microsoft Entourage Archive. - Convert your emails from Microsoft Outlook or PST to standard MBOX files. You can import these MBOX files into Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage or any other email client compatible with MBOX format on Apple Mac as well as Microsoft Windows. Your outlook folder's hierarchical structure will be preserved in Apple Mail. - Convert your mails from Microsoft Outlook to Eml (or PST to Eml) files. Eml files can be opened with or imported into many mail clients on Mac as well as Windows such as Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Entourage. - Supports password protected PST files. - Preserves non-English content (message subjects and message content in languages other than English including double-byte characters such as Japanese and Chinese language characters). - Your email attachments are also converted so you don't loose your crucial data during conversion. - Gives special treatment to attached messages (nested messages). Those are also converted to *.mbox or *.eml depending upon chosen export format. - Convert your Outlook address book to standard vCard files. You can import these vCard files into Apple address book and Microsoft Entourage or any other vCard compatible application. - Exhaustive vCard conversion. [Unique feature]: Preserves contact photo, notes and non-English (Unicode) content. Writes more than 60 Outlook Contact fields to ensure no data loss. Also allows you to merge all contacts into a single vCard file. - You can take your calendar events from Outlook to iCal easily. Convert calendar Events to standard iCalander files. You can import these iCalander files into Apple iCal and Microsoft Entourage or any other iCalander compatible application. - Exhaustive iCalendar conversion. [Unique feature]: Additionally converts all information of a Calendar Event into mbox or eml format such as Calendar event's description in rich text format and attachments etc to ensure no data loss. Allows you to merge all calendar events into a single iCalendar (*.ics) file. - Multiple Import/Export in one Go [Unique feature]: Allows you to add multiple PST files from different locations and convert all mails/contacts/calendar in one go. - Automatically splits large MBOX files. [Unique feature]; Automatically splits large MBOX files into smaller MBOX files of specified size which enable them to be imported into applications incapable of handling large MBOX files. - Can save the converted Read and Unread mails in different folders. [Unique feature]: Although PST Converter Pro includes Read/Unread status of an email message inside converted file, it depends totally upon the target application to honor this status while importing. So to ensure no mix-up of read and unread mails, PST Converter Pro can save your Read and Unread mails in different sub folders. - Very easy to use but advanced and much faster yet hassle free way to convert your Outlook or PST content. [Unique features: These features have been exclusively developed by our innovative engineers to ensure maximum usability and faithfulness of PST Converter Pro. You may see other email migration applications following us soon!]

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