autoExpire v2.20


Developer:Jiulong Zhao
Sub category:File Management

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  • autoExpire will delete or archive your files or folders at the time you preset. In the modern age, we are faced with the increasing digitalization of our lives. One effect of that is the huge volume of files we create, download, and received every day. Many of these are time-sensitive, such things as draft reports, news articles, digital receipts, invoices, coupons, event invitations, etc, are no longer useful after a specific date, and if they remain on your storage, they take up your storage space, clutters up your folders, and makes finding something useful among them close to impossible. autoExpire will help you fix that. When you receive a file, you may set up, through autoExpire, an expiry date for the file, and the method of disposal after the date, be it archiving or simple deletion. With autoExpire, you can be sure that your computer is always organized and never cluttered. features: - drag & drop operation to either the user interface or the dock icon. - all file formats are supported - handles single files' drop, multiple files' drop, even folders' drop. - expire date can be easily set, either as a specific calendar date or as the number of days from present. - total files count can be read out from dock menu icon - simple status menu access - visibility of file list toggle-able - support manual file deletion, just double click file's name from table view - colorful and animated interface

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