Twitify 1.0.1


Developer:Apptrocity LLC
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  • Twitify is the #1 application for tweeting your iTunes and Spotify songs! Simply link your twitter account, choose your settings, and let Twitify take care of the rest. With Twitify there's no need to sign up for sketchy websites or manually type what you're listening to. It's safe, secure, reliable, and extremely easy to use! Twitify is very lightweight. You can run the application as normal from the dock, or you can choose to run it in the menubar to keep your dock clear of clutter. On top of that there are many great ways to configure the application. With settings like open Twitify on system login, how often to tweet, which music client to use and so much more, you can really make Twitify work how you want to! The full list of features is as follows: - Tweet songs from iTunes or Spotify automatically - Tweet: Every Song - Every 5 Songs - Every 10 Songs - Every 15 Songs - Choose from ten different tweet sounds or turn sounds off (tweet confirmation) - Run in menubar - Run in dock - Open Twitify on system login - Open Spotify on Twitify launch - Open iTunes on Twitify launch - Reset tweet counter (record of how many tweets you've made overall) - Only $0.99! - More coming soon! We have many great updates planned and intend to support this application for years to come with various updates throughout it's lifetime.

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