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  • DB-Text is a general use tool to open and edit data in text format on macOS, the most used way to distribute data organized by rows and columns. DB-Text is able to open import, edit, and manage text data organized by rows and columns in a more practical and effective way than any text editor. DB-Text can import data both in CSV (comma separated value) text format or in TSV (tab separated value) text format coming from Windows, Unix, and OS X. It can automatically recognize the used format analyzing the content inside. Data can be manipulated and exported as text (as CSV, TSV, HTML, or custom format selecting separators and other tags) or saved inside a native DB-Text document DB-Text is a must have for any user who manipulates data text files. It can enlarge or shrink all the columns in a single step from the toolbar. It allows moving and adjusting columns as the user needs. It saves a lot of time doing in a proper way text data manipulation with a tool designed for the purpose with features a text editor can't match. - Import from any document via drag and drop - Import from various encoding file format - Import dialog that let you select for any column (field) where to import - Popup inside the import dialog to specify field destinations - Data browsing before import inside the import dialog - Optional 'Use first row as header' - Fast opening creating a new column table for any text column in the file - Import more then one time inside a document with a great Mac interface to specify where to add data in a pre-existing table - Manipulation of data easy and intuitive - Columns can be moved at any time as the user needs - Edit in place for any data - Sort and filter with a click inside the document - Copy of CSV (comma separated) or TSV (tab separated) or CSV-S (char separated value using semicolon) data of selected rows in the clipboard - Assign at any time the content of a row as column header - Saves also in native format - Document based for a better data management - Add delete columns and rows at any time with a click - Edit column accessory view to see how your data are organized (useful if you have a lot of columns data) - Export dialog that let you select from which fields to export and in which order - Resume, Auto Save, Versions, Full screen. - Fully compatible with Dark Mode

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