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Title:PDF Nomad
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  • Note: PDF Nomad is no longer for sale. PDF Nomad is a modern, carefully styled PDF editor, built from the ground up for OS X 10.7 and later. It features a multitude of ways to take your PDF documents from one place to the next, through an easy-to-use interface. It provides often used operations like merging multiple documents, as well as more exotic ones like exporting the document's text as a spoken sound file. Features - Scan documents directly from your scanner into PDF Nomad. Perform OCR on any document (whether scanned or not) to extract its textual contents. Create searchable pages or new pages with the recognized text. - Easily resize whole documents to a different page size with a single command, or resize individual pages with drag-and-drop, shifting page contents as needed. - Export individual pages as bitmaps (JPG, PNG, etc.) or create spoken audio files from the document's text. Split documents into even/odd pages, or explode documents into single-page PDFs or even into individual chapters. - Merge pages side-by-side or on top of each other. Split pages in half or tile them to print onto multiple pages to be assembled into posters. - Merge documents, interleave documents, and even overlay documents on top of each other. - Create and fill out PDF forms. - Markup text and annotate pages with rectangles, ovals, arrows, lines, and more. - Add watermarks. - Create books and magazines ready for printing. Add finishing/proofing marks if needed. - PDF Nomad is blindingly fast, even documents with thousands of pages are laid out in less than a second. - Measure line annotations and other shapes.

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