Tires of Fury 1.3


Title:Tires of Fury
Developer:Ignotus Games, LLC
Sub category:Action

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  • In Tires of Fury, get ready for some serious monster truck racing action!! Use your driving skills and power-ups to take the checkered flag! Play against your friends in multiplayer, or take on computer opponents in a frantic race to the finish line! Unsatisfied with current racing games, two brothers, Jared, age 7, and Evan, age 6, put their pencils to paper to sketch out a unique new racing game. Our artists and programmers went to work to make these young game-designers' vision a reality, and here is the exciting result! Welcome to Tires of Fury Island! Here, you'll race across a wide variety of environments against a rag-tag group of unique racing machines and drivers. Head to the garage and pick your ride from a line-up of monster trucks like you've never seen: Including pirate ships, laser tanks, space ships, and more! Each one has a unique balance of attributes that you can upgrade according to your preferences using your racing prizes. Also, three unique drivers each offer an additional boost to your stats. Use power-ups like rockets, oil slicks and nitros to give you the edge you need to win! But be careful, everyone else will be using them as well! Blast, slick and boost your way to the win! Even the environments are against you as you dodge truck-crushing boulders and giant snowballs that can instantly change the outcome of a race. Features: - 6 unique monster trucks let you race in style! - Play simultaneously with up to 7 friends online, over WiFi, or even over the Internet! - Race in snowy mountains, spooky swamps, city streets and everything in between! - Destroy your opponents with a weapons arsenal including homing missiles and oil slicks! - Customize your truck with top speed, acceleration and handling boosts!

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