Trofy 2.2


Developer:Bruno Vandekerkhove
Category:Home Personal
Sub category:Health and Fitness

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  • Trofy is a small app with a simple aim. Whether you're on a vegan diet, a paleo diet, the Atkins diet you need some kind of tool that helps you stay on track. Something that tells you what vitamin or mineral you're not eating enough of, that tells you what you may be doing wrong. Trofy is exactly that : the perfect tool for any person on a diet! It's to-the-point, neat, fast, and most of all : it can help you make yourself even more healthy! Features include: - A great app for a small price! - An awesome design to keep it Apple! - Notes : add notes to every day to keep a food log - Counts calories, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, lipids, ... - Track your ratios by just looking at the simple ratio graph - Set the RDA values to anything you like! - A large database of foods made by the USDA (version 23) - And much more !!! We're proud to present this app to you and hope you will make good use of it! Good luck with your path to health!

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