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  • iSnapshot is an efficient and easy screenshot tool, synthesizing the functions of snapshot management, annotation feature and exporting etc. It allows us to make various kinds of software instruction and tutorial quickly. It has four kinds of screenshot: - Full screen mode: simply only with custom shortcut , all the content on full screen will be kept. - Window mode: user can do the screenshot simply by moving the cursor to the target window and then one left-click. - Custom selection mode: user can move the cursor to select the target area, and zoom-in to capture more precisely during the dragging. - Delay mode: user can customize the delay setting and the software will do the screenshot automatically. Under this mode, users can capture the popup menu based on the user operation. It provide abundant custom choices for user-friendly concern, e.g. custom screenshot shortcut, delay setting, capture window shade, capture the current cursor. Worthy to mention, it allows for smooth copy and paste amongst different applications. Making tutorial is one complicated issue, which requires large amounts of snapshot resources in advance. In order to better manage the resources, there comes software management. It allows for all the past snapshots with easy access to find, browse, delete and batch export etc. The function of quick preview allows users to check the actual export effect, not only saving the trouble of exporting but also increase the browsing efficiency tremendously. It supports various picture formats for exporting/batch exporting, including but not limited to JPEG2000, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF etc. Snapshot notes feature, allowing users to add notes to the snapshots so as for better understanding, including main functions as below (need to purchase this grant) - Support text tool, add/edit/delete etc. - Support cutout tool, custom all sorts of cutout formats. - Support shape tool, adding various shapes including square and oval etc., and supports self-drawing/custom shape. - Support mask tool, different colors for different purposes. - Support line tool, set all line types, including dashed line, solid line, dotted line, dotted dashed lines etc. - Support arrow tool, set various arrow types. -Support snapshot filter function, combining brightness and contrast adjustment, dozens effect including Templerature and Tint. - Support un-do and re-do. - Support multi-glyph alignment,move,copy etc.

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