eLyric Music Manager 0.32.03


Title:eLyric Music Manager
Developer:PS Audio
Category:Home Personal
Sub category:Music

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  • eLyric Music Manager is a powerful, convenient, well-supported desktop music manager, network UPnP server, and soon, hi-end music store. Best of all, it connects serious music listeners - hundreds of thousands around the world - into an active, sharing community. eLyric offers all the convenience of applications like iTunes, but with a host of extra features and compatibilities that people with high quality components and sophisticated musical tastes need-and haven't been able to get yet. Got a large digital music collection? A classical - or jazz-focused collection? A taste for hi-resolution audio? A network of high-end components, or perhaps just a highend DAC? Chances are, you need eLyric to turn your collection into a convenient, networked listening paradise with no compromises.eLyric works on PCs or Macs. It lets you to manage your impressive digital music collections in ways you couldn't before, no matter what format, how large, or where you store them. It's UPnP compatible so you can stream your music through just about any high-quality hi-fi components you want to connect in your network, or just simply play it on your computer or receiver.And did we mention…it's free ?

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