Advanced Snow Leopard 1.0


Title:Advanced Snow Leopard
Version:1.0 Software
Sub category:Miscellaneous

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  • Advanced Snow Leopard…Rounik Sethi takes you deep into the inner workings of Mac OS 10.6. Snow Leopard is possibly the most advanced Operating System ever! It's easy to use but underneath the surface it's packed with many hidden tricks and features that can transform your workflow. Whether you use your Mac for work or pleasure, this series is designed to make you a more efficient user, help you to customize your Mac to work the way you want it to and have fun in the process! You'll start by discovering advanced tips on how to customize and navigate around the Finder with ease. Using built-in features and select free 3rd party add-ons, you'll find out how to make Menu items practical in your day to day tasks. As we progress, you'll learn how to expand the clipboard's memory, navigate any text document without a mouse and take an in depth look at which System Preferences can increase your productivity. Beyond these workflow tips, this title will teach you the best ways to capture contents on your screen and from a camera, scanner or even an iPhone straight to your Mac. By creating workflows in Automator you'll explore you how to make any repetitive tasks on your Mac a breeze, so you can put your feet up and let Snow leopard do the work. In doing this you'll learn how to turn an Automator workflow into a Mac application or a Service command available to you in virtually any application you choose. Finally we'll dig deeper beneath the interface of Mac OSX and discover the world of Unix: Terminal. This will give you access to change the behaviour and appearance of many aspects of OSX not available in the GUI.

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