Guest List Planner 1.2.1


Title:Guest List Planner
Developer:Chimp Studios LLC
Sub category:Personal Info Managers

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  • Guest List Planner is an easy to use event planner that hooks into your Mac Address Book, Gmail Contacts, and even Facebook to help you put together your guest list with no trouble at all. Guest List Planner is perfect for couples planning their weddings, parents planning kids birthday and graduation parties, and sons and daughters planning retirement parties for their parents. Import your pre-existing contacts easily from Mac Address Book, Gmail Contacts, or even your Facebook friends. It is as easy as dragging their name from one table to another. Categorize and sort effortlessly by splitting your guests into categories such as "Bride's Side" or "Groom's Side". You can make as many categories as you'd like or none at all! Enjoy simple to read statistics about the number of guests that you have invited, how many are likely to show up, and even the breakdown between the number of adults to children. Plan for how many guests will actually show up and save money at the caterers! Take pleasure in Guest List Planner's Cross Application Support that enables easy transfer of your guest lists to spreadsheet programs and back again. Merge two or more guest lists with one click. Split the work of creating a guest list with your fiance, spouse, or siblings and be finished twice as fast. Is there a feature that is missing? Don't hesitate to email us with suggestions. We are always looking to make Guest List Planner even better!

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