DiskRefresher 1.2


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  • 0c74b7f78409a4022a2c4c5a5ca3ee19

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  • DiskRefresher is ideal for users who need to refresh multiple external disk drives safely and simply. Hard disk drives are designed to be used regularly, not stored on a shelf for months or years. The magnetic strength of the digital bits recorded on a drive slowly decays when that drive is disconnected from a computer. After many months, this effect can cause data files to fade, sometimes becoming unreadable. DiskRefresher makes the time-consuming process of refreshing multiple, external disk drives simple and safe. At launch, DiskRefresher lists the external storage drives you have mounted and shows each drive's storage capacity. You can select one or several drives to be refreshed and you can drag a drive up or down in the queue window to adjust the refresh order.

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