Dupin Lite 1.4.0


Title:Dupin Lite
Developer:Doug Adams
Category:Home Personal
Sub category:Music

Rate 91% (Votes 3910)
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  • 4ohf5_Dupin_Lite_1.4.0.pkg
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  • 3bb1244a416618459835639afdb21c6a
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  • 94778992105d503d3228c21badcf0602

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  • Dupin Lite finds duplicate iTunes tracks and purges them. With Dupin Lite, users get Dupin's core features in a lite-sized package. Dupin Lite has the same powerful Get Dupes-Filter-and-Purge features as the original Dupin but with fewer power-user features. If you aren't interested in managing duplicate tracks as much as just identifying and eliminating them, then Dupin Lite may be right for you. You'll quickly and easily be able to identify duplicate tracks according to crtieria you select. Then use Dupin Lite's flexible filtering controls to automatically decide which tracks to keep and which to remove and Trash.

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