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  • Essentials app can easily become your favorite and irreplaceable shortcuts pad. Just press hotkey (default is Ctrl + space, but you can customize it in preferences) and Essentials will appear where ever your mouse cursor is (or not, if you choose so in preferences). You can use it to: - quickly launch applications - access assorted folders, documents and files of any kind - act as clipboard or "dropbox" for your e-mail messages and text clippings - make YOUR OWN simple Terminal commands/scripts (that can act as droplets too! :) which app can do that! :D) Customize it! - resize groups by holding Command key (⌘) and scroll up or down (or pinch it on trackpad) - resize items icons (⌘+scroll) and their titles (⌘+⌥+scroll) - hope this feature makes you say "sweet!" - group your favorite items in any way you like - reorder groups and items by holding Command key and dragging groups/items to desired position - mark items AND groups with colors from pop-up menu - you can finally make your dock look fancy by not overloading it with so many icons Essentials is simply essential because: - you can keep your favorite/frequently used items really accessible and nearby - it has smooth and intuitive UI - it is responsive and fast - it can easily blend like it is part of the OS X

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