Zenit Polar 1.0


Title:Zenit Polar
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  • Zenit Polar is the definitive application for securing all of your messages in an extremely easy way. It's the first application based on hbStark's innovative concept of Recreational Message Scrambling Algorithm (RMSA®) and can be used in a vast number of occasions, like sending private mails, posting something "mysterious" at your Facebook wall, tweeting in a language that only you and your friends can understand and much more. Zenit Polar offers two different levels of RMSA® scrambling: - Zenit Normal: Message still looks like normal text, but in a weird language: "Honne, rhas as Aco MC". - Zenit Power: Message looks like nothing: "ZP7989300B30265C573004" Zenit Normal does not require a password but can be easily broken in a few minutes using just a pen and a paper. Point is: 99% of people would not take the time to do it. In a fast changing digital world where we live today, people want everything immediately , with minimum effort. If they can't figure out what "oxrtomony betod rediy" means, they'll just ignore it. Most of the time you just want to get rid of those 99% anyway. Zenit Power is much more powerful. It requires you and the other person to share a common password but cannot be easily broken by individuals (*). Even for an experienced Software Engineer it would require a considerable effort. We're now talking about 99.99%. People need to be REALLY interested in your life for start trying to break Zenit Power, and just a small percentage would actually succeed. (*) Any government institution can break it in seconds, so don't expect using Zenit Polar for anything illegal Zenit Polar also features: - Native integration with Facebook®, Twitter® and e-Mail - Support for emoticons like ♥★☻ - Automatic clipboard integration - Comprehensive online help

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