Inside the Office 1.5


Title:Inside the Office
Sub category:Puzzle

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  • Inside the Office is unlike any other app. It contains more than ONE THOUSAND challenging questions about The Office, covering every episode of seasons 1-5. Extensive testing reveals that Inside the Office is a highly addictive game. It also contains a dangerous Internet High Scores feature, which enables you to compete for bragging rights all across the GLOBE. This compels players to spend even more time honing their knowledge of The Office. Don't say you weren't warned. Official company pitch follows, written by those boneheads in Marketing. (Notice that they actually say "band of lovable misfits." Good grief.) - Patelware developers Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam...and Jim, and Michael, and the rest of the gang. Now you can revisit the best moments of the hit TV show The Office and see how much you can remember about the band of lovable misfits from the Scranton branch. The challenging quiz features over 1,000 questions covering every episode of seasons 1-5 of the Office. Choose from three modes of gameplay and - best of all - compete with The Office addicts around the world. According to Michael Scott, Abraham Lincoln once said, "If you don't test your knowledge with the 'Inside The Office' app for OS X, I'll attack you with the North." Don't let that happen.

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