Boris Continuum 3-Way Color Grade Unit


Title:Boris Continuum 3-Way Color Grade Unit
Developer:Boris FX
Category:Multimedia Design
Sub category:Video

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  • The Boris Continuum 3-Way Color Grade Unit brings professional-level color grading tools to After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Final Cut Express. Use the filter to independently adjust the bright, mid, and dark regions of an image clip via the built-in color spheres, which are easy to use and offer real-time results. A sophisticated color key function enables you to make adjustments to a specific color in the scene without affecting any other color in the image. And for times when you just want to brighten up or highlight a person's face in a scene, the filter includes a built-in egg-shape power mask and two sets of color correction controls - one for inside the mask and one for outside the mask. This allows you to brighten the face and darken the background all in one go. The filter's built-in motion trackers can automatically reposition the mask so that the correction remains locked to the person's face. Featured Video Tutorial Features and Benefits - Independent Primary Color & Luma Controls for Lift, Gamma, and Gain - 3 separate color wheels and luma sliders for control over hue, saturation, and luminance in the bright, mid, and dark regions of the image make short work of even the most challenging color grades. Built-in Power Window Matte & Masking System with Motion Tracking - Perform color adjustments to objects in a scene that have been isolated and tracked with the filter's built-in power mask and motion trackers or import AE spline masks directly into the filter. You can even use the new automated Rotobrush mask tool in Adobe CS5. Inside/Outside Color Grading - Use the filter to apply separate color grades and adjustments to the inside and outside of the power mask. Useful when you want to focus attention on a person by brightening their face and darkening the background. Built-in HSL Keyer - The built-in HSL keyer can isolate any color in the image for color correction while protecting all other colors from the change. For example, turn a red bus into a blue bus or darken the sky or water in a scene without affecting people in the foreground. Exposure Adjustment Control - Enables fine-level exposure control; editors can globally lighten or darken an image by setting f-stops in the slider control. Built-in Compare Mode - Enables live-view comparison of the filtered result with the unfiltered source via either a side-by-side view or a live split-screen view.

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