SolveDiffEq 3.6


Developer:Bob Delaney
Sub category:Mathematics

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  • SolveDiffEq is a standalone application which allows you to numerically solve differential equations and evaluate definite integrals of your choosing. Using the Runge-Kutta method, SolveDiffEq can solve any number of coupled differential equations of the form dx(0)/dt = f(0)(t, x(0), x(1), . . . ) dx(1)/dt = f(1)(t, x(0), x(1), . . . ) The Help menu shows how to input a script defining the functions f(0), f(1), . . . so as to numerically solve differential equations of any order or to numerically evaluate any one variable definite integral. Your script is translated into machine language for fast calculation. The user has the option of programming the output to whatever is desired.

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