Modulo2 1.1.0


Developer:Richardet Design
Sub category:HTML

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  • Modulo2 is a very complex and feature rich theme. I think you might have never seen such a revolutionary theme for RapidWeaver. The main idea was to create a theme where the content is loaded asynchronous via AJAX. But this is only the core feature of the theme and touches only the surface of it. Here are the most important features in short: - AJAX Page Loading: Load other pages or offsite content into your page. - Automatic Shadowbox: If the link target is any media file or a page that can't be shown in the main content, it is opened automatically in shadowbox - Background Image Handling: Add your background images to the project by drag n' drop. If you add more than 1 image a fading slideshow is automatically created - Floating Boxes: Use and create floating boxes in the theme. Those boxes can include content in several sections. - Create Slideshows/Banner Rotations in a very easy way: There is no need for flash or additional tools to create astonishing banners or slideshows in Modulo2 - Automatic Accordion: You like the accordion effect? Modulo2 includes automatic accordion. Whenever you add a h2 header followed by any content it will act as an accordion. - Special Layout for the iPhone: Some nice layout and design parts don't look good on the iPhone. The theme consists of a special iPhone rendering which will improve accessability and readability. - Browser Support: - Safari 4.0 or later - Firefox 3.6 or later - Opera 10 or later - Internet Explorer 8 or later

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