Bit Slicer 1.7.9


Title:Bit Slicer
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  • Bit Slicer is a universal game trainer that allows you to cheat in video games by searching and modifying values such as your score, lives, ammunition, and much more. Features - Memory Scanner - Search and narrow down values of several types: integers, floating-points, strings, byte arrays, and pointers - Add, delete, and modify variables with ease - Freeze variable's values - Store a process' entire virtual memory space and search for values based on incremental changes - Manipulate pointers by de-referencing variable addresses - Memory Inspection - View and edit memory live in a hex editor-style window - Dump memory to files on disk for manual inspection - Modify memory protection attributes - Debugger - View live disassembly of instructions - Modify instruction's bytes directly, or by assembling instructions (including nopping) - Set breakpoints, resume from them when they're hit, view backtraces, manipulate thread registers, and step into/out/over instructions - Inject x86 code on the fly - Watch for what instructions access a variable in a document - Save slice documents so that you can send cheats to your friends - Pause and un-pause current process - Undo & Redo many kinds of changes, including searches - Evaluate mathematical expressions automatically (eg: in a flash game, search for 58 * 8) - Run as a normal user, not as the superuser (root)! - Enjoy OS-level features such as auto-saving, document versioning, window restoration, notification center, app nap, dark mode, etc.

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