Dr. Wise - Medical Mysteries 1.0M


Title:Dr. Wise - Medical Mysteries
Sub category:Puzzle

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  • Dr. Wise - Medical Mysteries is a mystery-themed puzzle game. Seek out the causes of strange illnesses in a series of investigations where the cure is only one housecall away. When ordinary people succumb to mysterious illnesses, there's only one doctor brilliant enough to figure out what's wrong. That wily physician is Dr. Wise who, despite his terrible bedside manner and lack of social finesse, thrives on solving inexplicable ailments. Along with his specialized team of interns, there is no disease, infection or affliction that can't be cured. Join this unit of medical detectives as they search for causes to mysterious health conditions. Features Become a medical detective in this compelling Hidden Object investigation. Search for causes and cures to the strange illnesses of ordinary people. Examine locations with help from the brilliant, yet unconventional Dr. Wise. Note symptoms, search for contaminants, and take samples.

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