USB Backup 3.1.4


Title:USB Backup
Developer:Writeit! Studios Limited
Sub category:Backup

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  • USB Backup is great for backing up files from you UBS drives before the break. USB Backup saves you from nasty surprises by automatically backing up your flash drive's data so you don't have to. Features: Automatic Protection USB Backup can automatically backup USB flash drives so you don’t have to. This ensures that your data is always backed up and ready to be restored anytime. Simply plug in your USB flashdrive and let USB Backup do the rest. Reliable Protection USB Backup features the best backup engine yet - any USB flash drive can be reliably backed up & restored - even bootable ones. All backups can be encrypted and can also be archived to save space, allowing you to create more backups at a lesser cost in memory. Simple to use USB Backup's user interface has been completely redesigned to make backing up & restoring your pendrives even easier, providing a clear overview over the backups you have created and the restore possibilities you have. Integrated with OS X USB Backup’s backups are fully compatible with Finder, which means that you can even access your backups on Macs that don’t have USB Backup installed. Whether you're at work, school or away from home, your backups are always accessible.

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