Emerald Viewer


Title:Emerald Viewer
Developer:Modular Systems
Sub category:Simulation

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  • Emerald Viewer...Third party Second Life viewer designed to enhance the user experience through the addition of large amounts of new functionality. Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 5,145,919 people from around the globe. Extra Features: - Avatar Scanner - Full sim range (detects over 1M in the air) - Shows name, age, payment info, current activity. - Land and estate commands for ejecting/banning multiple avatars at once - Buttons to open profile, IM, teleport to or track selected avatars - Ability to chat radar info (keys) to boost lsl radars - Ability to display chat notifications for entering sim, exiting sim, entering chat range, exiting chat range, entering draw distance and exiting draw distance respectively. - RLV API Implementation (off by default) - Different login page - Ability to open and display the owner and location of objects that IM you - Teleport to positions by double clicking - Option to disable progress screens (teleport, login, and logout respectively) - Clothing layer protection (prevents sending of individual clothing textures to other clients, ensuring they can't copy the clothing) - Customizable IM auto-response system, including giving inventory in the response - Fly can be set to always enabled, even with Admin menu closed - Can turn your avatar 'visually phantom' - Allows ground sit anywhere - Can enable the attaching of objects in inventory by double-click - Can block object sit-on-click - Chatbar as a command line for rezzing platforms, teleporting to coordinates or sims, or teleporting to particular heights. - Various crash fixes - Free uploading of "temporary" textures (sim-local and disappear on relog) - Notification when a friendship ends - Detection of cooperating alternative viewers - Shows object last owner in build floater - Scripts are compiled to mono by default in agent inventory - Inventory is fetched in background immediately on login - Group info can be accessed in about land, even if group is not deeded - Profiles show agent key - More minimap dot colors, blue for lindens, grey for muted, and purple for friended lindens - Build Floater Enhancements - More object choices (from the drop down that lets you change a cube to a sphere) - More precision information (5 decimal points) - Ability to set all prim parameters without changing shape (easy prim torture) - Ability to easily change sculpt stitching - Can set transparency to 100% - Can set texture repeats above 100 - Can turn off the typing sound - Teleport History Floater - Animation Info Floater - Shows you all current animations being played on your avatar - Allows you to stop, or revoke permissions of animations you do not want - Ability to detect owner of the animations being played, as well as their name - Included the 1.23 Bulk Permissions Setting - Option to block the 1 click auto sit - Multiple custom skins

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