SizeWell 0.8.2 beta


Version:0.8.2 beta
Developer:Random Applications
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  • SizeWell provides users with better window resize and zoom options.While resizing a window in Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) or Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), hold a customizable modifier key to keep width/height, aspect ratio, centered, or to pin bottom right corner. In Lion (OS X 10.7), Apple has overhauled window resizing, therefore SizeWell no longer needs to implement these advanced resizing features for Lion users. SizeWell can still displays window dimensions while resizing windows in Lion, and continues to offers many zooming features.When zooming a window, hold a customizable modifier key to maximize to whole screen or to any half. You can also override the standard zoom behavior (without holding a modifier key) to open the SizeWell Zoom Options menu or maximize to whole screen or any half. Undo a zoom by performing the same zoom feature again before doing anything else to the windows size or position.SizeWell Zoom Options (available as menu of Zoom button by overriding the standard zoom behavior or right-clicking the Zoom button and as submenu of Zoom item in Window menu) contains features (with shortcuts): - Standard Zoom (⌃⇧0) - Whole Screen (⌃⇧9) - Half Screen - Left Half (⌃⇧1) - Right Half (⌃⇧2) - Top Half (⌃⇧3) - Bottom Half (⌃⇧4) - Third Screen - All Horizontal and Vertical Thirds (⌥⇧⌘ 1 - 6) - All Two-Thirds (⌥⇧⌘ 7 - 0) - Quarter Screen - Top Left Quarter (⌃⇧5) - Top Right Quarter (⌃⇧6) - Bottom Left Quarter (⌃⇧7) - Bottom Right Quarter (⌃⇧8) - Resolutions - Includes 14 of the most popular screen resolutions. - Options to zoom whole window or window's content to resolutions. - Position - Center (⌃⇧`) - Also includes all edges and corners, with shortcuts. - Screens - Next Screen (⌃⇧=) - Previous Screen (⌃⇧-) Includes SizeWell Installer to make installation nice and simple.After installation, SizeWell will even offer to eject the install disk and trash its disk image file.Installation and cleanup, all in under 5 clicks!Functionality demo video available on SizeWell Website.Follow @RandomApps on Twitter

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