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  • FourEyes3D ... Add live 3D camera support to any camera-enabled application (requires pair of external USB webcams). Everything is better live in 3D! Stickam, ustream, youtube! If you can stream it, you can do it in 3D. Snapshots, video recordings, ANYTHING! All you need is a pair of cheap USB webcams. Combine them with FourEyes3D magic camera driver into a live 3D stereo "virtual camera" that can be used in most QuickTime-compatible camera applications (almost everything). Works with all b-l-a-c-k-o-p products and most others, including QuickTime Pro and most web/Flash browser video/cam applications. Use readily available and inexpensive RED/CYAN anaglyph glasses. Yes, it's a revolutionary technology perfected in the 1950's by Polaroid founder Edwin Land. Called stereoscopic imaging, it allows you to capture and broadcast live to the Internet in 3D. While Mr. Land preferred the polarized glasses now employed in Disney 3D (RealD), your viewers will wear the retro 3D red/cyan glasses (such as the ones used in the Superbowl promo or the ones included in SpyKids 3D!) Anyone can do it! 3D I mean! The finicky part is mounting your matched pair of generic USB webcams 90 millimeters apart (the same distance apart as your own eyes). Even cheap UVC webcams from your local office supply store can add 3D to your Mac. Check the FourEyes3D blog for tips on where to find pre-built 3D webcams that work on your own Mac. Add CamCamX (also from us) and you can mix/match between one 3D feed and your built-in iSight. You, too, can participate in the bleeding edge of entertainment.

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