Mini Converters 1.9.1


Title:Mini Converters
Developer:Blackmagic Design
Category:Multimedia Design
Sub category:Video

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  • Mini Converters ... Build your SDI studio with the worlds most advanced and easy to use converters! Only Mini Converters include auto SD/HD switching, redundant input, AES/EBU and analog audio on standard 1/4 inch jack connections, combined with advanced 3 Gb/s SDI technology. There's 4 great models to choose from depending on the conversion you need, plus a sync generator model! Auto Switching SD and HDMini Converters instantly switch between standard definition and high definition video formats and changeover is automatic when the video input changes. A huge range of video standards are supported including, NTSC, PAL, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 1080psf/23.98, 1080psf/24, 720p/59.94 and 720p/50 formats, plus new formats can be added via USB. Redundant SDI InputMini Converters feature a unique redundant input for mission critical tasks such as broadcast or live events. You can connect a redundant cable to the second input, so if the main input is lost due to cable damage or any other cause, Mini Converter will automatically switch over to the redundant input cable. This lets you use Mini Converters in locations where crowds or the environment might cause cable damage, or lets you place Mini Converters in hard to reach locations such as roof mounted video projectors. A loop though SDI output is also provided for connecting to other devices. A loop-thru SDI connection is also great if you need more than 2 audio channels, as you can connect the loop-thru to another Mini Converter to de-embedd extra audio channels! New 3 Gb/s SDI TechnologyOnly Mini Converters include the latest 3 Gb/s SDI technology and upgrades can be loaded via the built in USB connection for future video format compatibility. 3 Gb/s SDI is also fully compatible with all your standard definition and high definition SDI equipment. Built in AES/EBU or Analog AudioStandard 1/4 inch jacks are built in for balanced analog or AES/EBU audio. Because Mini Converters use standard 1/4 inch jack connectors for all audio connections, you can use standard cables commonly available from any pro audio store. Unlike other converters, Mini Converters don't need custom cables, as any balanced 1/4 inch jack cable can be used. Mini Converters are also unique as the same 1/4 inch jack connections can be switched between professional balanced analog audio, or AES/EBU digital audio. This means you only need one model of Mini Converter for both analog and digital audio. You can select the type of audio from one of the mini switches on the side of the Mini Converter unit. On modes with AES/EBU digital audio in, a sample rate converter lets you connect to any AES/EBU source, either synchronized, or un-syncronized. On HDMI models, you also have full access to the HDMI audio embedded in the HDMI video connection. High QualityMini Converters are built to highest quality standards with low SDI jitter so you get the longest SDI cable lengths combined with multiple internal power supplies for ultra low noise broadcast quality analog video and audio. Unlike other converters, Mini Converters don't use "low grade" video electronics just to save cost. Mini Converters feature the highest grade broadcast quality analog audio and video electronics. In fact, Mini Converters uses the same analog video design as our most expensive and award winning Multibridge Eclipse! That means you get the highest quality, all in a very affordable and incredibly compact unit. International Power SupplyUnlike other converters, a universal power supply is included with international socket adapters for all countries. This lets you take Mini Converters with you to any location worldwide, and plug directly into the local power sockets. To stop power accidentally being disconnected, a cable tie point is included to lock down the power connection tight! The Mini Controllers come in several flavors: - SDI to Analog - Analog to SDI - SDI to HDMI - HDMI to SDI - SDI to Audio - Audio to SDI - Optical Fiber - Sync Generator - Broadcast Converter

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