SEE Finance 2.1.0


Title:SEE Finance
Developer:Scimonoce Software LLC
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Sub category:Personal Finance

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  • SEE Finance lets you manage all of your financial accounts in a single place and gain control over your finances. Track all of the financial accounts you might have including banking, credit cards, investments and others. Generate a variety of customizable reports and budget to keep your spending on target. Track and monitor your individual investments and your investment portfolio as a whole. Perform these tasks and more in any of the 150+ different currencies available. Packed full of options to allow you to take total control of your finances. Adjust the information shown for transactions, increase font sizes, color code just about everything, tweak import settings, and generate custom reports. These are only a few of the many, many options available to you to personalize the app just for you. Store your file(s) on iCloud Drive and access them from your Mac, iPhone and iPad. Designed to give users complete control over their data. SEE Finance allows you to choose where you keep your data. Unlike similar programs, there's no forcing you to upload your personal data to a service outside of your control in order to access it from multiple devices. iCloud Drive lets you access your files from multiple devices, keeps them secure, and under your control. Features: - OFX Direct Connect Downloads* - Investment Tracking - In-depth Reporting - Budget Monitoring - Scheduled Transactions - Calendar and List Views - Quick Transaction Entry - Split Transactions - Batch Edit Transactions - Transaction Attachments - Multiple Currency Support - Import OFX, QFX, CSV, and QIF files - Export CSV, TXF, and QIF files - Create Multiple Files - Customizable Preferences - Companion iOS Version *OFX Direct Connect downloads is a service provided to customers by their financial institution. The institution may require enrollment and/or may charge a fee to use their Direct Connect downloads service. Generally only available with U.S. institutions.

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