FoneConnector for Daylite 1.1.0


Title:FoneConnector for Daylite
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  • FoneConnector for Daylite... When you receive a phone call over any of the supported 3rd party telephony solutions* FoneConnector matches the caller's telephone number to the appropriate Daylite contact in the actual (open) Daylite database and opens a so called »Call Window«. In this Call Window you can track details for the call (duration, notes) and create the usual Daylite elements (Appointments, Tasks, Projects, Opportunities, Notes, even Forms) which are automatically linked to the contact/caller in the Daylite database. FoneConnector works with many phone tools on the Mac. - PhoneValet - ilink direct - Dial!Fritz for compatible AVM Fritz!Box devices (SIP/VoIP/ISDN/analogue) - SkypeIn (phone number / Online Number) - Dialectic (using Notifications / incoming call monitors) - FoneConnector can directly connect to this PBXs: STARFACE (SIP/VoIP/ISDN - Asterisk-based solution/appliances

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