Icefields 6.6


Developer:Isis Imaging Corporation
Category:Multimedia Design
Sub category:Author Tools

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  • Icefields enables photographers to produce stochastic screened images on an image by image basis. Icefields is not a typical RIP. It creates halftone documents for off-line and off-site reproduction. Uses for Icefields: - Photographers use Icefields to produce imagesetter film for digital platinum and dye prints - Graphic designers place the Icefields TIFF on an page instead of the usual contone photograph, ensuring reproduction quality - Prepress operators use Icefields to solve moire and detail reproduction problems in that one troublesome photograph Benefits to commercial printers using Icefields include: - Reduces the amount of ink needed - Provides a larger gamut than traditional halftones - Eliminates moiré patterns - Displays greater detail - Many more features

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