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  • iMapper is an IMAP notification manager. It can be used to list all e-mails received on your mail server (IMAP server), without having to load these mails completely. You can use iMapper to check your e-mail accounts in the background. When new e-mails arrive, you will be notified. To show you whether e-mails contain useful information, or whether they are just spam, iMapper provides a preview functionality. iMapper offers you the following features:List e-mails waiting on your server See the e-mails waiting on your incoming mail server. Multiple Accounts - Check as many IMAP accounts as you want, each with its own check interval and each with its own notification type. E-mail Alerts - You can specify special alerts. When one of your important contacts send you an e-mail, you'll receive an extra notification.. Sounds - You're not only receive a visual notification, but iMapper also plays a sound for you. You can choose from one of the twelve build-in sound or load your own. Each notification can have its own sound. Leave E-mail on server - iMapper wil also work if you have your mail client configured to leave the mail on the server. More free memory - You don't have to keep your e-mail client loaded to see if there's new mail on the server.

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