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  • Renamerox is the simple way to rename, copy, and move hundreds or thousands of files or folders with a single drag-and-drop using presets. The powerful renaming engine allows you to: - set a new name with index, prefix and suffix; - add a prefix and suffix; - add a prefix; - add a suffix; - replace a piece of the name; - set or change the file-extension; - convert the file name to small letters; - convert the file name to cap letters; - convert the file name to titlecase; - truncate some letters from left or right; - create a new name with Roman numerals index, prefix and suffix; - add Roman numerals as prefix and suffix; - add a string to a position you wish. When you drop files or folders on the Renamerox application icon, Renamerox will start up and will immediately begin the job. If the checkbox "Quit after Job" is checked in the preferences, Renamerox will quit automatically after the job is finished. Undoing the renaming process reverts to the original names of the items. Renamerox offers several additional options to optimize the renaming process.

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