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Title:inTone | Matrix
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  • inTone | Matrix turns your computer into a powerful effect processor, handling up to 32 independent audio channels. It can be connected to auxes and inserts of your mixing console or used as independent mixer and patchbay. Highlights: Any computer with a multichannel audio interface may serve as several multi-effect processors in parallel and serial chaining. Hardware effects, software instruments and effects, 3rd party plug-ins and ReWire applications can be connected to inTone, integrated in one system. - Quick and easy selection of presets, high sound quality of the included effects. Using inTone Matrix with a mixing console: - Aux connections: Use any software effects as Aux effects for live mixing - Inserts: Use any software effects as Insert effects for live mixing - Controlling hardware by MIDI: Use inTone as powerful MIDI control center. Any hardware effect modules with MIDI program change capability (or even with assignable MIDI controllers) can be handled the same way as software effects - under full control with inTone Matrix. - Super fast configuration changes. No searching for preset files, just one-click or one MIDI command reconfigures the system. Using inTone Matrix for live processing without a mixer: Inserts: Use any software effects as Aux effects for live mixing Built-in mixing and routing. The mixing levels as well as the input to output channel mapping is stored in inTone programs, they can be retrieved by one click or by a MIDI program change, just as snapshots on HW mixers do. The saved setups may be rearranged in included inSpector application and new preset banks with desired selections are easy to be created. Patchbay function. If you don't need effect processing, inTone Matrix can be used as a patchbay. Without effects, the channel reconfigurations are so fas to ease your practicing. Add any music contents to inTone playlists.

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