Active4D 6.1r4


Developer:Aparajita Fishman
Sub category:Libraries

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  • Active4D is the ultimate 4D Web development environment, offering you unparalleled power and simplicity while leveraging your existing 4D programming knowledge. Out of the box, Active4D gives you: - A ready to run HTTP server with virtual hosting and advanced security features A blazing fast, fully dynamic embedded scripting engine which executes real 4D code - Nearly 300 new web-focused commands to increase your productivity - Extensive Ajax support, including JSON and UTF-8 - The perfect complement to the 4D Ajax Framework or other Ajax frameworks like ExtJS or Prototype - Enhancements to the 4D language that dramatically increase its power and productivity - Automatic, world-class session support - Transparent cookie and file upload support - Powerful regular expression text processing - A host of both client-side and server-side debugging tools - Unparalleled ease of development with the Fusebox framework - And much, much more!

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