MailCM 1.1.7


Developer:Limit Point Software
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  • MailCM is a contextual menu and menu bar application for copying Apple Mail message properties of multiple messages to the clipboard. The following menu items are available for copying the given property: - All Headers. All the headers of the message - Contents. Contents of an email message - All Headers and Content. All the headers and content of the message - Date. The date a message was received - Time. The time a message was received - Header Message ID. The header message ID string - Mail Message ID. Mail's internal numeric message ID string - Source. Raw source of the message - Reply To. The address that replies should be sent to - Sender. The full name and email address of the sender of the message - Sender Name. The full name of the sender of the message - Sender Address. The email address of the sender of the message - Add Sender to Address Book. Add the selected senders to Address Book - Add Recipient to Address Book. Add the selected recipients to Address Book - Subject. The subject of the message - Recipient . The full name and email address of the recipient of the message - Recipient Name. The name of the first recipient of the message - Recipient Address. The address of the first recipient of the message - Summary. Sender, subject, date, time, recipient and content of the message Preferences. Use the System Preference pane to specify which message properties you would like to appear in the contextual menu. By default all properties are included. MailCM is part of the Limit Point Software Utilities Bundle : Purchase a Utilities password to activate all the utilities, including MailCM. Upgrades are free, new utilities are always included! MailCM initially runs for about ten days without a permanent password.

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