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Title:WhoIs Analyzer Pro
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  • WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 integrates advanced searching capabilities to find contact information, DNS records, Internet routing information and geolocation data for all of your whois queries. You now have the ability to find whois information on any IP address, email address, URL or Autonomous System Number (ASN) by granting you access to contract records from all registrars and routing registries worldwide. No longer do you need to know country codes to get accurate results. WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 incorporates many features to make whois results easier to read. The Synopsis page breaks down the whois query results into sections highlighting DNS, Routing and Location data. The new "Show on Map" feature allows you to plot the inferred location of the organization on a map. Data detectors automatically create click-to-contact links inside whois results, eliminating the need to cut-and-paste items like URLs and e-mail addresses. And just added, now you can save results in text or HTML format. Features At-a-Glance: - Selects the most specific whois server automatically - Provides accurate whois information for any IP address (, email address ([email protected]), URL (www.example.com), or Autonomous System Number (36324) - Grants you access to contact records from all registrars and routing registries worldwide - Automatic whois server and regional Internet registry updates occur consistently so you always get the most accurate data for your whois queries - Capable of performing multiple queries simultaneously - Use our Smart/Automatic server selection, or query a specific server of your choosing - Print, save or email the results of your whois queries

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