Dragster 1.1.3


Developer:Ambrosia Software, Inc.
Sub category:FTP

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  • Dragster is an incredibly useful application that takes the drag out of file transfers. Just drag and drop files or folders on Dragster's icon in the Dock, and away they go! Dragster can send files via eMail, upload them to remote servers, copy them to your iDisk, or copy/move files anywhere on your local drives. Dragster integrates unobtrusively into your Dock, making it instantly available when you need it, and completely out of your way when you don't. Best of all, Dragster lets you set up as many customizable "Shortcuts" as you like, taking the drudgery out repetitive file transfers to the same person or server. There's also a contextual menu component to Dragster, so you can right-click or control-click o file in any program, and instantly send that file to one of the shortcuts you've set up. It doesn't get any more convenient than that! And of course, Dragster fully supports Bonjour, making file transfers on your local network ridiculously easy. Dragster isn't simply an FTP client, it supports FTP, SFTP, SCP, SMB (Windows File Sharing), as well as AFP (AppleShare) for file transfers. Best of all, you don't even have to know what protocol to use: simply select "Best Available" and Dragster will figure it out for you! There's also no need to mount servers before uploading files, Dragster takes care of this for you! Despite Dragster's simple and elegant interface, it has an extremely advanced file transfer engine under the hood that optimizes upload speed, especially for repetitive file transfers to the same location. Dragster also features a full-blown file browser for remote servers, allowing you to navigate through file listings using the same intuitive interface regardless of what protocol you're using. Already using a program like Transmit, Fetch, or Interarchy for uploading files? No problem, Dragster is meant to complement programs like these, not replace them. Dragster offers you speed and convenience for quick file transfers that is unmatched. Download it today and give it a whirl!

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